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Who are these men, you may have seen,
On TV show, or movie screen?
Are they illicit, are they occult?
What are these Masons, all about?
---- ---- ----
Well listen my friend, and you will hear,
Now let your queries disappear.
Masons are men of noble heart,
Belief in God, they do impart.
---- ---- ----
A brotherhood of men, are they,
Helping others, along the way.
Offerings they make, to those distressed,
And ask of Him, they might be blessed.
---- ---- ----
They work with others, to understand,
The amazing essence, of every man.
To leave the world a better place.
To live in honor, without disgrace.
---- ---- ---- 
To nurture our country, and it's decree.
That every person, should be free.
To dwell in grace, sent from above,
And live a life, of brotherly love.
---- ---- ----
And from our past a list begun,
John Wayne, Bob Hope, George Washington.
John Glen, Roy Clark, and Paul Revere,
Roy Rogers, Teddy Roosevelt, so many to hear.
---- ---- ----
The list goes on for many score,
Good men, good works, and nothing more,
A brotherhood, for you to see,
Under the guide, of deity.